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Urban Poor linkage (UPLINK) Indonesia is a national coalition of NGOs and CBOs that focuses its concern and activities on urban poor issues. It started as a loose network that was formalised and effectively founded in July 2002, prior to the Afro-Asian Urban Poor Dialog participated by urban poor people in Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, India, Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia) and Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria) in Indonesia in September 2002 … (full text of the english homepage).

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Address: Urban Poor Linkage (Uplink) National Secretariat, CO-Coordinator : Wardah Hafidz, Lita Anggraini, and  Ari Ujianto, National Facilitator Team : M. Nawir, Rusdianto, Abdul Jalil, Sudarto, Yanto Hutabarat, Wardah Hafidz, Lita Anggraini, Ari Ujianto, Edi Saidi, Abdurrachman, Billy Moon Blok H-1/7 Jakarta 13450, Indonesia;
Contact: Phone, 62-21-8642915, Fax, 62-21-86902408, e-mail, Website.


  • Vision and Mission: UPLINK envisions a city for all where economic, social and cultural diversity is a source of richness and strength, and the poor can live a dignified life and uphold their basic rights including rights to determine the future of their selves and their community. The mission of UPLINK is grassroots empowerment through advocacy, organizing, and networking. Advocacy is aimed at influencing and changing public policies that detriment the practical and strategic interests of the urban poor. Organizing, in this case, is put into practice through programs that address the economy (daily saving, income generating activities), health (acupressure, traditional herbal medication), and rights to information (community radio, resource centre).  The aim of networking is twofold: first, to develop strong local and national federation of organized urban poor groups; and second, to develop support and solidarity for the urban poor from other social groups such as the media, professionals, scholars, and others.
  • (All other items on this same page, just scroll down for: Programme, Advocay, Nettworking … and for:
  • Members: CBO/ NGO :  Jakarta : SEBAJA, Jaringan Rakyat Miskin Kota, UPC Palembang : KOMAKIP, Uplink Palembang, Lampung : Permata, Forkamal,  Uplink Lampung, Yogyakarta : Rumpun, TAABAH, PPKLS, Surabaya : Paguyuban Warga Strenkali Surabaya, Makassar : KPRM,  Palu : JARAK,  Menado : Uplink Menado, Publika, Kendari : Uplink Kendari, Garut : Uplink Garut, Tasikmalaya : Uplink Tasikmalaya.
  • Link: Dubai International Award for Best Practices 2008: 12 winners announced (so: 6. Integrated People-Driven Reconstruction in Post-Tsunami Aceh, Indonesia).

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