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ANF is established as an independent, Non-Governmental Registered Organization to provide shelter and support to destitute children, who have been deprived of family. Foundation has a sharp focus, clearly defined objectives and a consistent approach to its work.  Our efforts are to provide food, shelter, education, heath care to the deprived and deserving people of Pakistan. Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation had asquired 43 kanal piece of land to construct a state of art complex for the orphans and shelter less old age citizens. Our mission is to provide the family environment to fill the vacuum, which the destiny has brought in their lives. The complex will be consist of a well equipped library, play ground and all facilities to impart education of modern sciences and computer with offering food, dress and shelter to the homeless, deprived and neglected persons. (about /Mission).

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Address: AAGOSH-E-NOORANI Foundation, Farooq Ahmad Project Director, 72 Walayat Khan Road, Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi, Pakistan;

About: Noreen Tahir, Founder & Chairperson of Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation is active social worker last 23 years.

Being a Psychologist, spiritual specialist and the author of seventeen books on the social/family crises she is  vigorously committed to serve the impoverished and deprive people. Her all energies and sources are devoted to help the orphans, widows, poor children and neglected poor senior citizens. She is active social worker for several years , and got the name of “Noorani Baji” which is the replica of her work.

Noreen Tahir famed Noorani Baji was founded Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation to amplify her mission. She is struck to provide better food, dress and shelter to the destitute children who have been deprived of family or have been abandoned by their parents The founder and chairperson of the foundation had devoted a piece of 43 Kanal land at Chichan, main GT Road, and Attock for this mission. The complex will contain all basic facilities for the impoverished children and Senior Citizens of our society.

A non-governmental organization actively involved in social charitable work for the downtrodden of society by providing free education, food for the poor and orphaned, and the development of shelter homes for the poor, the aged, and the orphaned.

We try to make a difference for some of these lives by giving them shelter at our Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation Complex. We give them the warmth and love and protection they have never known before …

// … Objectives:

  • Uplift the community by improving their socio-economic condition leading to poverty alleviation;
  • Build the capacity of grassroots level male and female village based organizations;
  • Increase the literacy rate in the area;
  • Improve the general health conditions of rural community with especial focus on women;
  • Campaign and advocate the cause of transparent decentralization and empowerment of the grassroots level civil society organizations;
  • Establish purposeful linkages with government & non-government departments and organizations for meaningful collaborations and coalitions for sustainable development activities;
  • Establish the fora and committees around male and female village folk for marketing of local products.

Strategy: … (full text).

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