Orphan and Vulnerable Children Network Ethiopia OVC

Linked with Requests for Information: 9 – 15 February 2009 /Item 2;

The Network of Organizations Working in Support of Orphans and Vulnerable was established in 1998 through technical, financial, and facilitation support from Pact-Ethiopia, the previously named Children and Youth Affairs Organization of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Jerusalem Children and Community Development Organization. The number of members has grown from 14 to 43 at present. The Network is legally registered by Federal Ministry of Justice … (About 1/2).

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Address: OVC, P.O. BOX 2660, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia;


1. To strengthen the efforts of the NGOs’ and Government Agencies who are working to provide services to orphans and other vulnerable children;

2. To pool resources to bring meaningful impact in program implementation;

3. To share experience among member organizations to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided to disadvantaged children as well as to provide viable alternatives to child support programs, and

4. To play an advocacy role to support a favorable policy environment for organizations working to support children.


  • Several local experience sharing visits to child-oriented organizations to examine best practices;
  • Equipped members with information on relevant national and international policies, guidelines and conventions through workshops and meetings;
  • Shared knowledge and experience on viable alternative child support programs for orphans and vulnerable children, topics included foster care, adoption, community-based child care and integration, etc.,
  • Promoted the exchange of information and communication to enable members to better address the needs of disadvantaged children;
  • Worked towards developing a better understanding for the importance of mutual cooperation, coordination of efforts, and partnership among members, and
  • Developed manuals and undertook researches concerning OVC.

FUTURE PLANS: … (full text).

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