Ruvuma Orphans Association ROA

Linked with Fatma Hamisi Misango – Tanzania.

Within 5 years, ROA will have grown up and have proper systems and workable structure and will have develop local fund raising strategies so as to be an independentorganization with very committed members, and very professional and well paid staff which will make the organization have good reputation and through networking, will be known all over the country for its advocacy work and provision of services to Orphans in Tanzania. (Organisation Vision /on the Homepage).

What we do;
Future Plans;

supportet by the Foundation for Civil Society Tanzania;

About Us /on the Homepage: Ruvuma Orphans Association (ROA) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) which started as CBO in February 1998 and was registered Legally on 6th April 2001 with egistration number SO 10883 and has been recognized by the new policy of NGO’s which came into effect in 2002 under the Vice Presidents Office.


  • To work for improved conditions of Orphans by supporting them in
  • education, health and poverty alleviation.
  • To educate out of school youth (OOSY) and in school youth on risk
  • behaviors condoning to the spread of HIV/AIDS and STDS.
  • To campaign against child labour and child abuse.
  • To facilitate family reunification.
  • To sensitize and create awareness among community members on Gender issues and family planning.
  • To collaborate with the Government and other NGO’s/CBO’s in fulfilling the
  • above objectives.
  • To provide awareness, knowledge and information about HIV/AIDS to the communities and therefore take measures to avoid it.

… (full text /on the Homepage).

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