International Association for the Study of Sexuality Culture and Society IASSCS

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IASSCS was formed in July 1997 in Amsterdam, following a successful conference, “Beyond Boundaries: Sexuality Across Cultures”, jointly hosted by the Universities of Amsterdam and Chicago. This gathering was broadly concerned with the social and cultural study of sexuality, and drew together scholars from the disciplines of anthropology, history, sociology, health policy and cultural and gender studies. It was noted in the Amsterdam meeting that no organization existed which provided a forum for the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies of sexuality. The impetus behind the creation of IASSCS was the perceived need to address the fragmentation of studies in sexuality and to provide a forum for expanding and developing sexuality as a legitimate area of scholarships … (about 1/2).

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About IASSCS 2/2 -

Mission Statement:

  • IASSCS’ Mission is to strengthen the field of social and cultural sexuality research globally. IASSCS is committed to building equity in research capacity worldwide and to a broad range of research activities, including strengthening communication among researchers, policy makers, and activists.

Long-term goals:

  • To strengthen research and research capacity in social-cultural dimensions of sexuality globally, with special attention to countries where this research is not well-developed.
  • To support expanded dissemination of social-cultural sexuality research findings.
  • To inform polices and programs regarding sexuality from the global to national level in support of IASSCS’s guiding principles.

Vision for IASSCS:

  • The vision for IASSCS’s future is one of expansion of IASSCS’s role as a convener and a facilitator of regional and global networking for researchers focusing on socio-cultural issues of sexuality. Its interactive Website will be a global reference point for researchers and activists. The organization will expand its activities to strengthen research beyond the bi-annual global conferences, potentially including organizing regional meetings, smaller topical meetings, training seminars and interest groups, as well as providing mentoring and technical assistance with research design and grants. The organization will become a source of expertise in related policy debates and will support various activist campaigns consistent with IASSCS’s goals and guiding principles.

Guiding Principles:

  • Social justice.
  • Human rights, with a focus on sexual rights.
  • Academic freedom.
  • Ethical conduct of research.

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