The Women’s International Democratic Federation WIDF

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Address: Women International Democratic Federation, Guimarães Passos street, 422 – Vila Mariana, São Paulo – SP – Brazil – 04107-031;

History – WIDF Foundation Congress and Eugenie Cotton, our first President:

  • We are a Not Governmental Organization that congregate in its joint the women of different sectors, believes and points of view, of different Countries, social schemes of the five continents.
  • The purpose of Women International Democratic Federation – WIDF it’s  the women struggle don’t  strengthen the contradictions between the  sexes  in the middle of the people, but the backward, intents to contribute whit the union of women and men  having in sight the reinforce, the participation and the elevation of women in a way the both can be unit.
  • In the confrontation of the hardness lived by our people and also our brother people, fighting for better life’s conditions for all, whit sovereignty, development and peace, for a just world, more fraternalism and equality.
  • The principles of WIDF are narrowly connected. The women rights of a happy future for the children’s can only be fully reached in a world in peace.
  • The WIDF gave new impulses, throughout these 56 years, to many national feminine organizations which have a tradition of fight for the women rights, for the peace, for our children and for better conditions of life to our peoples.

Currently the WIDF counts on 660 filial organizations, of 160 countries (to find them, click on Regional Workshops, and then on a region, you’ll find its countries) … (full text).

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