Geneve Asie Association

Linked with North Pakistan at the Crossroads of Central and South Asia.

The Geneva Asia Society is a non-profit association. All personalities in charge of supervising its activities are unpaid and voluntary. Their profiles and professional backgrounds are diverse. The legal status and provision of the Association can be obtained from the Executive Secretariat. (Organization).

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Activities: Networking and Clustering:

  • The Society provides a Geneva-based network for all individuals and institutions ready to share their experience and knowledge in Asian affairs, and acting in their professional or private capacity.
  • Members and affiliates of the Society can develop specific clusters based on their diversified fields of interest such as Asian arts and cultures, travelling to Asia and the Pacific, education and training about Asia, Asian socio-economic development and doing business in Asia, Asia in world diplomacy and politics.

Dialogue and Exchange:

  • The Society makes best use of the high density of leading Asian/non-Asian experts and senior officers either based in Geneva or travelling through Geneva on a regular or occasional basis. Distinguished guest specialists in Asian affairs are regularly invited to various types of presentation and discussion fora.

Education and Training:

  • The Society works in close co-operation with Geneva-based educational and training institutions interested to promote better knowledge and understanding about Asia.
  • It provides contacts and networking co-operation with Asian and non-Asian academic and research institutes, specialised in ancient and modern Asian studies. It can co-organise with relevant partners brief policy research projects, short training sessions, seminars and workshops according to demands primarily expressed by its members and affiliates. It can also raise funding to finance scholarships for post-graduate students originating from Asia, especially from the least developing countries.

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