Restoring Citizen Authority over Corporations works to create a representative democracy with an actively participating public, where citizens don’t merely choose from a menu of options determined by elites, but play an active role in guiding the country and its political agenda. We believe that one’s influence should be a direct result of the quality of one’s ideas and the energy one puts into promoting these ideas, independent of wealth or status … (about 1/2).

Issues: Corporate Accountability, Corporate Personhood, Globalization, Independent Business, Political Transformation, (etc, see the left column);
Resources: local groups, Corporate Logo Flag (make a statement against corruption), Presentations and Workshops, Recommended resources;
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Address:, 222 South Black Ave., Bozeman MT, USA;

About 2/2: … We inspire citizens to make conscious choices about what role corporations should play in our society and to limit them to that role. We are a non-partisan, non-profit (501c3) organization and welcome the opportunity to work with all who share our goals. Learn more about our mission, vision, goals and values.

What We Do:

  • Inform and Empower People: Through presentations, editorials, single-issue primers, and skill-building workshops are all part of our outreach work. We serve as a resource for individual activists, groups, reporters, legislators, and the public. Central to our outreach is illuminating key pieces of our “hidden history” and the lessons we can learn from it, as well as offering concrete steps toward re-establishing citizen sovereignty.
  • Build Positive Alternatives: Recognizing that political democracy is inseparable from economic democracy, we work to support the proliferation and success of small, independent businesses, cooperatives and employee-owned firms rather than increased dependence on absentee-owned chains. Our staff also went on to create the American Independent Business Alliance, to advance local organizing and has helped more than two dozen communities form local Alliances.
  • Work for Constitution-level Change: While we realize the necessity of defensive struggles against corporate harm to our communities, environment, human rights and more, we strive to think and work differently. We believe that campaigns in which “victory” is defined as maintaining the status quo cannot produce needed systemic changes. We don’t limit ourselves to “politically realistic” goals. Instead, we seek transformations that will require broad and deep public education and grassroots organizing on a scale not seen in decades.

Ultimately, we aim to help drive a broad-based Democracy Movement that will effect at least three core legal changes – either through Constitutional Amendment or reversing Supreme Court precedent: … (full text).

Who We Are: …

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