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The College has as a top priority the well being of all its students. All staff have pastoral responsibilities for the social, moral, academic and spiritual development of the students in their care. To achieve this end teachers in their role as Form Tutors are given specific pastoral responsibility for a group of 20 -30 students in their Form Class. They are members of a team consisting of all the Form Tutors of the same year group under the leadership of a Year Head. The Year Heads in turn form a team under the Head of Pastoral Care and the Head of Discipline. The Form Tutor will care for the students in their Form Class through daily contact. They should be the first person to whom a student will turn for help or advice, although it may be necessary to refer a particular matter to the Head of Year, the Head of Pastoral Care or the Head of Discipline. (Pastoral Care 2007-08).

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Principal’s Welcome: Welcome to the Lagan College website which was launched in 2001 in our 20th Anniversary Year.

The website is produced by staff and pupils as part of our afterschool activities programme and will continue to develop to reflect changes within the college and of course advances in the technology itself. The website provides an increasingly important external link between the College and our pupils, past pupils, parents and friends. One of our most recent developments is our interactive prospectus, which we hope you will take the opportunity to view.

Many changes have taken place over the years, not least of which is the increase in numbers of pupils and staff. A lot of people thought that the school was a project that was bound to fail and few could have predicted how successful it would become. The aim of our founders, however, to be an integrated, all-ability Christian school which would ‘educate to the highest standards Catholics, Protestants and others of goodwill together under the same roof,’ still remains as important, if not more so, in 2008 as it was in 1981.

As a College we are extremely grateful for the energy, enthusiasm and conviction over the years of all those who have been, or currently are, part of Lagan College. Staff, parents, pupils, friends and members of the Boards of Governors and Directors have helped the school to develop into the thriving community which it is today and laid firm foundations on which we can plan for the future.

We very much look forward to the comnpletion of our long awaited permanent buildings. We will very shortly reach the preferred bidder stage and the buildings should be completed within three years.

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