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This goal is achieved primarily through the website … (about 1/2).

News; Marine turtle newsletter; Sea Turtle Image Library;
Members; groups; Forums; Sea Turtle Multimedia Guide;
Satellite Tracking: Research Resources, tracking partners; Adopt a Tracked Marine Animal;
Marine Turtle Research Group; Sea Turtle Directory; Teaching Resources;
Resources; maptool; Frequently Asked Questions; Links;

About 2/2:

Initially created as “Turtle Tidings” in 1996, was founded out of a desire to support research and conservation efforts in the sea turtle community. This goal is achieved primarily through the website and has included providing online access to the Marine Turtle Newsletter/Noticiero de Tortugas Marinas, supporting registration and administration of the Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation, and providing valuable background information and support for conservation efforts related to the Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles and X’cacel, Mexico..

Additional efforts include the sea turtle links, the definitive list of sea turtle resources on the web (thanks to Paul Mikkelsen) and the sea turtle news archive (thanks to Kelly Samek). also provides an online home to other organizations such as the Marine Turtle Research Group. Logistic support, in the form of web design, implementation and custom programming, has been provided to the Baja California Sea Turtle Conservation Network, the Chelonian Research Foundation, and HerpDigest.

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