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The MWC.News Magazine provides news directly from our grassroots sources worldwide, but the accent is –whenever possible– on action that readers can take. And not simply on action that follows traditional paradigms. In that sense, the site should be called, perhaps, Post-Post-ModernWriters … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … For readers who simply want to have something to talk about over latte, let them go to other sites which specialize in Redundancy and Talktalk. That’s the staple of Current Events as taught in U.S. schools. Our emphasis is on Walktalk, discussion which leads, ideally, to confrontation with The Powers. For that, interaction with our readers will be blessed, if we can derive new models for moving ahead as a result of our ongoing dialogue. 

What’s different about this site?

We are very ambitious, to say the least. We fully intend to be The Hub for activists worldwide, jamming together to force significant change. The myths which surround Moderation and so-called Objectivity are left at our doorstep. Enter at your own risk.

Blessings in solidarity, The MWC Staff

MWC does not promote the doctrines or philosophies of any organisation, religion or belief system. All material is printed at the discretion of the publishers, but does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publishers … (full text).

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