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Chowk is a platform to publish, discuss and debate writings on a variety of issues that are important to the people of India, Pakistan, and other South Asian countries. It is a place to express and exchange ideas, discover eclectic thoughts, get useful information, meet new people, engage in social change, enjoy and educate yourself … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Chowk is committed to promote the right to express. It nurtures ideas and voices that are original, investigative, and independent of doctrine and dogma. Chowk does not propose, favor or defend any ideology. Readers and writers arrive at their views through debate in an open and free environment. 

Chowk does not claim to solve the political or social problems of Pakistan and/or India. Rather, it provides a platform for dialogue, introspection, and familiarity amongst the people to break taboos and facilitate a climate for lasting peace and understanding.

Chowk is a not-for-profit publication, managed by a self-directed staff of editors, associates, and correspondents. All of Chowk content is contributed by its members. In essence Chowk is an ecosystem of hyper-writing, an emergent form of journalism. At Chowk, writers and readers interact to give birth to new ideas, sometimes diminishing and other times enhancing the original message.

Over the years there have been many volunteers and supporters who have helped in various aspects of Chowk. But often, volunteers do not wish to make their names known and we respect that.

Editors: … (full text).

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