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Connexions works to connect individuals and organizations working for social change with each other, with information and ideas, and with the wider community. Connexions Online features resources and organizations fostering democratization, economic justice, environmental responsibility, civil liberties, and the creation and preservation of community … (full text Homepage).

Connexions Library: Resource Centre, Programs, Visions; The Connexions/Sources Calendar;
Organizing for Change; Sources; A to Z Index: Associations Directory 2009, Topic Index;
Publicity and Media Relations; Economic Alternatives (links); Selected Links and Resources;

Connexions exists to support individuals and groups working for freedom and social justice. We work to maintain and make available a record of the theory and practice of people struggling against oppression and for social change. We believe that the more we know about the struggles, victories, and defeats of the past, and about those who took part in them, the better equipped we will be to bring a new world into being.

Connexions maintains a physical archive of books and documents, and is engaged in an ongoing project to build and expand an indexed digital archive of documents. We try to feature a wide variety of resources reflecting a diversity of viewpoints and approaches to social change within our overall mandate of support for democracy, civil liberties, freedom of expression, universal human rights, secularism, equality, economic justice, environmental responsibility, and the creation and preservation of community.

We are internationalist in our orientation, but as a Canadian-based project we feature an especially extensive collection of Canadian documents and profiles of Canadian activist organizations. (down of the Homepage).

Connections Online – its entry in wikipedia: Connexions (full name Connexions Information Sharing Services) is the central online library and archive for Canada’s movements for social change. The non-profit project also maintains a comprehensive directory of Canadian associations and NGOs.

Founded in 1975 as a national information clearinghouse for grassroots activists involved with urban and rural poverty issues, the project was originally called the Canadian Information Sharing Service. The name was changed to Connexions in 1978 to more clearly identify the project’s action-oriented goal of connecting grassroots activists with each other and with information, ideas, and issues. The scope of the project expanded to include Native rights, third world development, women’s empowerment, peace, human rights, and other issues. The project disseminated information through the newsletter-format Connexions Digest, which received documents and materials from participants across the country, and distilled them into a subject-indexed summary format.

Print-based for the first two decades of its existence, Connexions published more than 4,000 abstracts summarising the content of documents, articles, reports, and books, as well as profiles of organizations and projects, becoming in the process a key resource and networking tool for Canadian activists and researchers concerned with social justice issues … (full long text on wikipedia).

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