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  • humanITy is a not-for-profit Consultancy, Registered as a UK Charity (1059921), which works on a commercial basis with Government, Major Corporations, the Research Sector and Civil Society, using our surplus time to provide a free service to e-inclusion implementors.
  • We exist to serve all those who experience a difficulty in accessing, processing and creating digital content.
  • All resources not covered by official or commercial confidentiality are published on our website as free resources. (Homepage).

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Address: humanITy, 108 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9PX, United Kingdom;

What We Do: humanITy exists to serve all those who experience a difficulty in accessing, processing and creating digital content.
We work with identifiable demographic sectors such as:

  • Disabled people
  • Unemployed people
  • People from ethnic minorities
  • Women
  • Socio-economically disadvantaged and alienated people
  • People without a voice.

But we also have a special interest in that large group of people who are not identifiably excluded but who experience a serious problem with digital information systems.

Drawing on our decade of experience, we work on both sides of the functionality gap, advising both on better hardware and software design and on developing individual and group skills to handle digital information.

To this end, we aim to narrow the gap between the individual and the information system by providing advice on:

  • Usable and accessible hardware and software design
  • Simple but effective training
  • The development of individual and collective self-esteem
  • The development of collaboration.

We work with:

  • Public sector policy makers and strategists
  • Corporate strategy and marketing
  • Hardware, software and integrated system designers
  • Corporate Social Responsibility units
  • e-Inclusion implementers
  • Project Directors.

We provide a brokering service between:

  • Government
  • Business
  • Civil Society
  • The academic and research sector.

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