The International Humanitarian-Economic Institute IHEI

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Knowledge — Is that invaluable capital, riches, which under any conditions will be your property and will help to become the Man and the Person.

The International Humanitarian-Economic Institute was founded on September, 23, 1994. Then it was the Humanitarian-Economic NonState Institute renamed in IHEI in 2000. For ten years of its activity the institute has prepared more than three and a half thousand specialists in seven specialties: “Economy and management at the enterprise”, “Finance and credit”, “Book keeping, analysis and audit”, “International relations”, “Law”, “History and a foreign language”, “Psychology” … (english homepage 1/2).

Address: Mayakovskogo Street 129 А, Minsk 220028, Belarus;
map (in Minsk, in russian);
Contact: tel/fax: (+375-17) 221-17-27, e-mail.

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The founder and the General director of International Humanitarian-Economic Institute is Alexander Nikolaevich Alpeev who has devoted all life to education and bringing up of youth. Today he is a good scientist and the organizer of science, a doctor of political sciences, professor, an academician and an honorable doctor of the International Personnel Academy and International Academy of Psychological Sciences, is awarded with the International gold medal “For Merits in Education”. 

A lot of A.N. Alpeev’s forces were put for integration of IHEI into (the) universal system of education. The institute actively cooperates with foreign partners, in particular, with International Academy of management of personnel in the Ukraine, the International Academy psychology in Russia, scientists from Poland, Sweden, Denmark, etc. It allows to study international functioning of educational and scientific institutes to use foreign specialists in organization of educational process, to carry out international conferences, joint scientific researches.

According to experts of Department of quality assurance of education of the Ministry of Education of Belarus, the institute has a high level personnel and material support of educational process which has allowed to open postgraduate study in 2000 in 2003 – a magistracy, to issue since 1996 scientific-theoretical magazine “Humanitarian-Economic Bulletin”.

For ten years the contingent of students has increased from 350 up to 6180 persons. The number of the faculty makes about 400 persons. Today the 15 professors and doctors of sciences, 120 senior lectures and candidates of sciences work here. For the last five years teachers of the institute defended 3 doctor’s and 5 mas-ter’s theses. Textbooks, methodical manuals and monographies of more than 150 names are prepared and issued.

The institute repeatedly passed the state check, and conclusions of the commissions always testified the absence of infringements of the current legisla-tion. In February – March, 2004 the institute has passed state expert appraisal and up to its results has received the license for the five years.

The institute prides itself on its stock of scientific, educational and instructional literature on the problems of market economy, marketing, management, jurisprudence, foreign languages, finances, discount and audit, history, psychology, sociology, philosophy etc.

The institute has implemented transition from the teaching system that aims at providing students with the information to the problematic one that makes use of innovation methods of teaching classes. The contents of the curriculum have been improved, with the processes occurring in economy and society being taken into consideration. The publishing center “Vedy” provides for publishing yearly up to 500 printer’s sheets of educational, instructional and scientific literature prepared by the institute faculty.

A bright page in a ten-year history of the institute has been entered by its students-sportsmen. 10 meritorious masters of sport, more than 50 masters of sport of international level, about 100 masters of sport and first-rank players have stud-ied and still study in the International Humanitarian-Economic Institute. Our stu-dents subdued the highest sporting peaks, they became champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, World and European championships, winners of championships in Belarus. There is a museum of sporting fame in the institute.

High professional level of the staff allows to set serious goals. The top priority in the activity at the International Humanitarian-Economic Institute today is to promote an allround development of a personality seen as the highest value of the society, to prepare qualified specialists who are: able to adapt quickly in new po-litical and socio-economic conditions and to creatively use world and home spiri-tual, social and economic experience and who are ready to establish principles of humanism common to all mankind.

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