DONO is AEHRF’s new partner in the Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan

DONO is a functional NGO based in Khujand, Tajikistan, and registered as an LLC (limited liability company) at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2007.

Linked with DONO – About us, and with О нас.

Internationally` DONO communicates in Russian and English, but its domestic language is Tajik, a sister language of Farsi written in Cyrillic script.

[added April 16: The name of our organization in Tajik is: Маркази интеллектуали ва таълими «Доно» (written in Cyrillic), and Markazi intellectuali va ta’limi “Dono” (written in latin letters)].

The name DONO has been derived from a famous verse of the great epic Shahnameh composed by Ferdowsi in late 10th century. The verse is:

  • Tavana buvad har kih dono buvad
  • Ze danish dile  pir borna buvad

The verse is in praise of ‘knowledge’ and its meaning is as this:

  • One who has knowledge is a powerful person
  • An old heart becomes youthful with knowledge

Our Activity: As the verse explains, the crux of our activity is dissemination of knowledge. DONO is supplements to formal education.

DONO has received two blogs on our blog-construction. You find their own presentation in English and in Russian:

A warm welcome to DONO and to their further publications, to participate in a worldwide activity creating consciousness for human rights, health, justice in economy and law, education and for overall development of  humanity to lead a life of quality and dignity.

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