Darfur Peace and Development Centre DPDC

Darfur Friedens- und Entwicklungs-Zentrum DFEZ … german and english texts simultaneousely on the pages

(The Darfur Peace and Development Centre DPDC was part of the coalition having organized the Geneva Summit for Human Rights, Tolerance and Democracy held in Geneva on April 19, 2009)

Linked with Aid workers’ expulsion from Sudan impeding peacekeeping, relief efforts, and with Troubled U.N. Racism Conference Quickly Adopts Outcome Document.

Is a Charity Organisation in Switzerland in form of an independent, impartial and apolitical not-for-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO / Association) as defined by Article 60 and the following Articles of the Swiss Legal Code (ZGB). We work for the region of Darfur in West Sudan … (Homepage 1/2).

News; about Darfur (in german only); Statute english; Statuten deutsch;
Suchen /search; Links; Donation (scroll down): Please make your payments at: Post office giro account: 85-669519-9, IBAN CH39 0900 0000 8566 9519 9, BIC POFICHBEXXX, Darfur Friedens- und Entwicklung-Zentrum, DFEZ, Uster, Switzerland (Our charity organisation is exempted from tax – therefore, you can deduct your donations in your Swiss return of tax /Staats-, Gemeinde- und Direkte Bundessteuer: gemeinnützige Zuwendungen – Thank you very much indeed);
Address: Darfur Friedens- und Entwicklungs-Zentrum, Administration, 8610 Uster, Schweiz / Switzerland;

Homepage 2/2: … What we want:  

  • Our Vision is a humane life in security and stable peace for all Darfurian (irrespective of their group membership such as ethnic group, religion, gender etc.) as well as a sustainable development of the region of Darfur.
  • This is what we would like to stand up for.
  • We want to inform and sensitise the general public in Switzerland by means of various actions, events, campaigns and presentations in order to gain the support of people in Switzerland for Darfur.
  • With the funds generated by the activities of our association we support established projects in Darfur. We cooperate with other organisations which are active in and for Darfur. We attend the UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva and do our best to exert our influence for Darfur.
  • With your help you can support our work.

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