Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies ICFG

Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Geschlechterforschung der Universität Bern IZFG, University of Berne, Switzerland (in german and in english)

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary institution for the coordination and promotion of Gender Studies at the University of Berne. It provides information on teaching in Gender Studies, organizes the Graduate School, research colloquia and lectures. Furthermore, the Centre supervises several projects in teaching and research. In Swiss and international coordination committees for Gender Studies the ICFG represents Gender Studies at the University of Berne and participates in Swiss and international projects in the area of Women’s and Gender Studies. Moreover, it champions the funding of early stage researchers in the area of Gender Studies. (Profile).

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National Research Programme NRP 51: “Welfare, Marginality and Gender – Social Work in late 19th and 20th century Berne: concepts and practices of intervention”;
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Address: Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies, Hallerstrasse 12, 3012 Bern, Switzerland;

Aims and Activities: The ICFG regularly organizes colloquia, seminars and conferences in relation to various topics in the field of Gender Studies and also provides specific teaching in cooperation with schools and institutes. It co-ordinates a graduate school for PhD students from different disciplines and offers courses at postgraduate level. 

The Centre’s magazine genderstudies publishes information about the diverse activities and teaching carried out by the Gender Studies Centre once a semester. The Department’s homepage also carries this information.

The ICFG lodges a variety of research projects and conducts funded research in the area of Women and Gender Studies.

The ICFG initiates and supervises further projects, such as the internet portal Gender Campus, which is a Swiss virtual information and communication platform for Gender Studies and issues of equality within Swiss Universities.

Furthermore, in line with its goals, the ICFG collaborates with interested partner institutions both from within the University of Berne and external institutions.  ICFG also supplies services in the form of education, research and supervision. One example of such collaboration is the Centre’s current cooperation with the National Competence Centre for Research North-South NCCR and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The ICFG seeks to host and promote a new generation of researchers in the area of Women and Gender Studies and awards grants in the field of Gender Studies for outstanding early career researchers.

In national and international meetings of Gender Studies Centres the ICFG represents the University of Berne. It takes part in the Swiss projects coordinating Gender Studies, including the network of the Swiss Graduate School and the development and coordination of teaching by the Conference of Swiss Universities. The Be-Fri convention in the area of Gender Studies supports the collaboration between the ICFG and the University of Fribourg.

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