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The culture of peace, as defined by the United Nations and represented by the peacekeys of CPNN, is much more than just peace. It includes the full range of positive alternatives needed to replace the culture of war and violence that has dominated 5,000 years of human history: Respect all life, Reject violence, Share with others, Listen to understand, Preserve the planet, Rediscover solidarity, Work for women’s equality, Participate in democracy, (on Homepage).

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About: The Culture of Peace News Network (CPNN) is a project of the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace
initiated by the United Nations where readers exchange information about events, experiences, books, music, and web news that promote a culture of peace. CPNN was launched at UNESCO in 1998, and then continued from 2002 until 2007 by CPNN-USA in the United States as well as CPNN-Japan.

CPNN-USA is now incorporated into CPNN-WORLD, while CPNN Japan continues in order to use Japanese script. It is hoped that CPNN sites in other scripts will eventually be developed as proposed by the United Nations General Assembly in its annual resolution on the Decade, which recognizes CPNN in operative paragraph 9 and calls for its expansion as a global network of Internet sites in many languages … (full text).


Global Movement for a Culture of Peace, its Sitemap and its Links.

Introduction to Psychology for Peace Activists.

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