Play for Peace

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As part of our community development initiatives, we use play to promote relationships among people whose communities suffer from a history of cross-cultural tensions. Play is one of the primary ways that human beings learn. Come join us in our efforts to create leaders for peace and nonviolent communities. (Click here to learn more).

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Address: Play for Peace, 333 North Michigan Ave., Suite 932, Chicago, Illinois 60601, USA;

About /how we work: Play for Peace seeks to prevent violence in conflict-torn areas by teaching people to live together, play together, and work together. We are a global organization that works locally through community leaders and youth facilitators to teach children, teens, and adults to trust and respect others, and to break down generations of cultural barriers. 

GLOBAL REACH, LOCAL ACTION: Play for Peace operates in many regions around the world through our Hub Organizations. Each Hub Organization works to change their local communities by developing local leadership.

Our strength comes from our dedication to local initiatives and peaceful cooperation.

Peace Challenges /Break Boundaries: We will play together in collaborative competition at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

The day’s thrilling events include:

  • High Ropes
  • Wall Climbing
  • Rocks, Ropes, and Boats

And for those of you who like to keep their feet on the ground:

  • Boomwhackers®
  • Legos®
  • Pipeline.

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