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Welcome on our bilingual database on human rights – in french and english – accessible free of charge at hrni

All pages on H.R.N.I. have the same URL, … this for sitemap, legal notices, issues, directories, instruments,  contact, about, etc … click on the internal link.

H.R.N.I. is a collection of the most important international documents related to human rights: instruments, case law, articles, bibliographic references, Internet sites, reports and human rights actors.

On the website you will find, classified by theme, full texts of judgments and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and of the UN Human Rights Committee, as well as international and regional conventions on human rights, reports of the United Nations or non-governmental organizations, scholarly articles, bibliographic references, and a portal of Internet sites on human rights and a list of actors (NGOs, universities, international organizations) playing a role in this field.  

About HRNI: In this section you will find various practical information about HRNi. The structures of HRNi were conceived in a way that will allow a congenial and effective functioning of the HRNi research framework. The scientific committees, which help to integrate the international dimension of the programme, are composed based on the criterion of high quality of scholarship.

We encourage you to contact us, either to contribute to the development of the HRNi site, or to communicate any questions or remarks. Our e-mail address.

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