A Portal on Southern Civil Societiesalso in spanish

Linked with Civil society wants substance, not procedural delays at UN conference on crisis, and with Economic crisis conference to be postponed?

This initiative aims at contributing to the Latin American and global IFI campaigns for reform of the Bretton Woods institutions by translating key information, producing and disseminating analysis and providing a point of access to research results, opinions and campaigning activities, thus promoting dialogue and collaboration between key actors … (about 1/2).

NGO Directory; The UNCAC Coalition; Campaigns; Events; Tools & Services;
News: Books; In-depth reports; Newsletters;
Corruption, 128 organisations call for an effective review Mechanism;
Conditionalities and Structural Adjustment; Finance and Debt; IFI’s Governance;
Address: IFIs Latin American Monitor: Third World Institute, Dr. Juan Paullier 977, Montevideo URUGUAY;

About 2/2: … Choike is a portal dedicated to improving the visibility of the work done by NGOs and social movements from the South. It serves as a platform where citizen groups can disseminate their work and at the same time enrich it with information from diverse sources, which is presented from the perspective of Southern civil society.  Choike offers:  

  • A directory of NGOs organized in categories and sub-categories. This is not an exhaustive list, but a selection of useful and relevant sites. The directory only contains Southern NGO web sites; relevant information from other sources can be found in separate sections.
  • A search engine that enables you to find information in the directory’s web sites. It is a tool designed to allow you to search the sites selected by Choike on the basis of their quality and relevance. NGOs that wish to include the Choike search engine on their web sites can do so at the Choike portal.
  • A selection of materials produced by NGOs which contain information of relevance to civil society and to those people who are interested in what NGOs have to say. These materials can be accessed through reports, news items and information resources.
  • In-depth reports on key issues, which provide comprehensive information and reflect different views, in particular highlighting the position adopted by civil society on these issues.
  • Dissemination of NGO actions and campaigns.
  • Choike is the Mapuche name for the Southern Cross, the constellation that helps travellers find their way. In the same way, Choike.org helps Internet users find the best of the South on the web.
  • Choike is a project of the Instituto del Tercer Mundo.
  • NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations based in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • … (full text).

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