The Moscow School of Human Rights

in russian and in english

Linked with New report on HRE in the Russian Federation.

  • The Moscow School of Human Rights is a non-governmental and non-commercial organization functioning in the sphere of additional education. It doesn’t support any political parties, movements and campaigns and recognizes ideological and world outlook diversity.
  • In 1994-1995 the International Fund “Cultural Initiative” (Soros Foundation) and the Ministry of Education of Russia organized a competition of innovation projects under the motto “New ways in humanitarian education in Russia”. More than 600 projects took part in the competition. Among the 30 winners of the 1st degree grant was the project “Human rights. Education in Russia”, which provided for setting up this school.
  • By decision of the Minister of Education of Russia, Moscow School of Human Rights received the status of Federal experimental laboratory (what we are).

All english webpages have the same URL. To reach them, click on the internal links, as:
english Homepage, Contacts, What We Are, What’s New, Activities, Publications, Support, Who Can Help Us?, Guestbook, and: The Constitution of the Russian Federation in english.

The Human Rights Net-page is only in russian.

Address: Anatoly Azarov, Director, Moscow School of Human Rights, Room 2, Entr.3, Luchnikov Lane 4, Moscow 101000, Russian Federation;
Contact: Phone/Fax +7 (095) 5776904, e-mail.

Our Purposes:   

  • working out a strategy and programs of civic, human rights, democracy, peace, law, and political education;
  • development of educational and methodical-scientific literature, audio-visual and computer facilities in the field of civics, human rights and democracy;
  • training and retraining secondary and high school teachers, leaders of human rights movement, state employees;
  • improvement of legal and political culture of the students;
  • performing functions of an informational centre of the problems of civic education, education in the sphere of child’s rights, human rights, peace, democracy;
  • summing-up and distributing foreign and domestic experience in this sphere.

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