Children’s Global Peace Project

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Children’s Global Peace Project is a non-profit organization that empowers children worldwide to transform their challenging emotions and conflicts into healthy self expression and peaceful co-creation. Through experiential games and exercises, multicultural songs, dance, and art, students learn to move beyond prejudice and assumption to realize their potential, their connection to each other, and the global human family. We are building a global network of schools where every child discovers the power of peace and our interconnectedness … (full text Homepage).

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About: Goals and Objectives: The ultimate goal of CGPP is to realize peace within ourselves, our families, schools, communities, nations, and throughout the world through the understanding of three peace skills:

  • Accessing Peace Within: Understanding of our own feelings and needs, learning to find peace inside, and realizing how to bring a peaceful presence to any situation.
  • Being Peaceful Towards Others: Developing connection skills and awareness of feelings and needs of others.  Learning to be an open-hearted and non-judgmental. Practicing kindness.
  • Living Together Peacefully: Understanding and practicing empathy, understanding, and compassion.  Learning to work together in a manner that honors and empowers everyone.

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