Global Justice Center

Human Rights Through The Rule of Law

The Global Justice Center (GJC) is poised to be the catalyst for fundamentally altering the dominant global legal and political culture by targeting women and political rights in transitional democracies (and US policy). Global justice in the twenty-first century requires a powerful new definition of democracy: one recognizing that there is no “good governance” if the majority of the people in the world – i.e. women – are the “governed” but not the “governors” … (full text Vision).

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Address: The Global Justice Center, 25 East 21st Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10010, USA;

About /Mission: The mission of the Global Justice Center is to work with women leaders on the strategic and timely legal enforcement of international equality guarantees. The Global Justice Center works to: 

  • Target the entrenched political and cultural norms that perpetuate male dominated decision-making bodies and constrain women;
  • Use human rights and international law as tools to restructure societies in ways that enable women to take their rightful place in national and transitional justice processes;
  • Identify activists, leaders, judges, and policymakers and train them in the affirmative use of women’s human rights and international law as tools for constructing new democracies, governments, and transitional bodies;
  • Transform the operational definition of democracy to one that is truly representative.

The Global Justice Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization supported by contributions from private individuals and foundations worldwide.

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