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60 Years of NATO is enough – (en français, en flamand)

NATO GAME OVER 2009: PEACE ACTIVISTS CLOSE NATO HEADQUARTERS, March 21, 2009: From all over Belgium, by bus, bike, taxi, public transport and even by walking, hundreds of activists came to NATO’s headquarters in Evere, Brussels. They tried non-violently to enter the NATO terrain and seal gates, windows and doors … (full text press release).

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Agenda Peace Action – Action camp for nuclear disarmament, Büchel – July 13, 2009:

Join our camp at the nuclear arms base in Büchel (Rhineland-Palatine/Germany) between July 13th and August 9th. Four weeks long, everyday, we would like to enlist new groups as well as individuals for our non-violent actions. We want to focus attention on the illegal housing of nuclear weapons on the military base. 

Forms of protest are going to be diverse: picketing, blockades, “Go-In” actions, climbing activities with banners, surrounding the airbase (with the distribution of flyers, calling on soldiers and pilots to refuse their illegal orders), info tables in the midst of the tourism hot-spot of the town Cochem … There sure are plenty of ideas!

Creativity should end though, where actions turn violent. The point is, through disrupting their operating procedure, we increase the pressure on our government. This will be the case by having our constant visual and audio presence every day in the region.

With various non-violent actions we will on the one hand – as announced last year (”We will come back!”) – disturb the smooth run of the nuclear weapons base, and on the other hand to make pressure before the elections to the Bundestag in September and the Non Proliferation Treaty Conference next spring in New York to make Germany free of atomic bombs – as one step towards a nuclear weapons free world.

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