supports AIDS related issues through a global network

AIDSPortal is a global initiative that aims to facilitate greater knowledge sharing and networking among organisations involved in the response to HIV and AIDS.  Our vision is a more efficient and effective global response to HIV and AIDS … (about 1/2).

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Address: UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development, The Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Square, London, N1 6HT, United Kingdom;

About 2/2: … We work towards this vision through two strategies.  First, by building the capacity of partner organisations that share our vision.  These are typically networks operating at the national, regional or global level.  Second, by maintaining an information hub and acting as an information facilitator in areas where we do not yet have partnerships. We currently have regional partnerships in Southern Africa, Eastern Africa and Latin America … 

… The AIDSPortal website offers:

Focus on networking: AIDSPortal members can access a growing directory of people and organisations and quickly locate others interested in similar issues or working in a particular place. Members can start their own discussions, engaging other members in their work.

More open policy dialogue: AIDSPortal works internationally to ensure that the most up to date information on policy initiatives and international processes is easily accessible through AIDSPortal and that people can share information about their engagement.

Country-led management: AIDSPortal aims to be country-led and defined. This aims to support constructive dialogue between national responses and experiences and international processes

Focus on networks: AIDSPortal supports existing networks engaged in cross-cutting and national issues to share information and collaborate more effectively with relevant partners.

Easy and quick access to information: AIDSPortal facilitates access to information given the time and resource constraints facing organisations responding to HIV and AIDS:

  • - documents can be directly downloaded from the AIDSPortal site
  • - users can quickly browse and search for resources around pre-defined policy, programmatic and country issues
  • - members can receive email updates on the latest resources available for a specific topic.

… (full text).

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