Aseema Charitable Trust

Aseema is a Sanskrit word which means “limitless”, a word that captures a child’s spirit which can soar in the right environment. Aseema is committed to provide just this environment to street and underprivileged children of India. Despite making formidable advances in technology, we find that about half of the total child population of India does not attend school. Goldman Sach’s now famous study which projects India to be the third largest economy, after the US and China, by 2030, has this to say “India has the most work to do in primary education…. it is high time that an educational emergency is declared” … (Introduction).

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Address: Aseema Charitable Trust, G-3 Josephine Apartments, Ground Floor, Chimbai Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400 050. India;
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About: Mission Statement:

  • To provide underprivileged children with a nurturing and stimulating educational environment that helps them recognize their limitless potential.


  • draw out the child’s inherent love for learning
  • the child’s self-esteem and make it the foundation of his integrated development
  • establish a child-centred approach in which teachers value the child unconditionally and respect his feelings and opinions
  • create a learning environment which is meaningful and fun, yet challenging and capable of encouraging the child to make clear and informed choices
  • encourage and enthuse the child to pursue formal schooling, thereby providing the foundation for acquiring further skills.

Objectives  :

  • to prepare underprivileged children for entry into the formal system.
  • to provide on-going support to those enrolled in the formal system so that they do not drop out of school.
  • to work towards parental participation in children’s education.
  • to improve the health status of the children who come to the Centre and provide nutrition.
  • to provide a system of non-formal education to those children who cannot avail of the formal system.
  • to work towards self-sustainability from the sale of the products made from the art done by our children.

The Teaching Approach: … (full long text).

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