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Defending Worldwide Human Rights & Environment

New World Hope is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious & non-governmental organization, governed by a board consisting of professionals with compre- hensive knowledge and understanding about social development, investing their efforts in human rights & environmental preservation issues. Since its founding in 1996, NWHO has become one of the world’s foremost human and social development organizations … (about NWHO 1/2).

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About NWHO 2/2: … New World Hope Organization (NWHO) is purposely established by Pakistanis from different professional, cultural and social backgrounds to enhance knowledge, respect and observance of human rights, and to encourage exchange of information and experiences for investing in the people for a change and developments in all spheres of their lives and is registered with the Government of Pakistan under Societies Act. XXI of 1860. 

NWHO with a strong his volunteer network, organization members, individual members, organization partners and individual partners are working nationally and internationally on human rights and environmental issues. In small villages and large cities around the world, NWHO builds local capacity to improve education, health care, leadership capabilities and economic opportunities.

New World Hope Organization entered the 21st century with a new strengthened staff and Board of Directors along with a new commitment of providing the information and ideas needed to foster a sustainable world.
We work with many organisations, foundations, agancies, individuals and institutions on human rights and environmental issues, from local and national NGOs to national and international decision-making bodies.

New World Hope Organization is human rights and environmental preservation organization based in the Pakistan NWHO researchers conduct fact-finding investigations into human rights abuses and environment change in all regions of the world. New World Hope Organization then publishes those findings in books, pamphlets, magazines, newsletters, videos, databases, reports, telephone hotlines and on-line services that provide free, inexpensive or hard-to-find information every year, generating extensive coverage in local and international media. This publicity helps to embarrass abusive governments in the eyes of their citizens and the world.

Human Resource: … (full text about).

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