Genocide Prevention Project

Organizer of Genocide Prevention Month, April 2009

The best way to stop genocide is to prevent it from happening. Caring citizens from around the world – including survivors of past genocides – are calling for an effective genocide prevention system. Organize or take part in Genocide Prevention Month in April 2009. Help us urge the international community create an effective system for preventing genocide and mass atrocity crimes. (Homepage and latest news).

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Address: Genocide Prevention Project, c/o Public Interest Projects, 80 Broad Street, Suite 1600, New York, NY 10004, USA;

About: The Genocide Prevention Project, founded in the fall of 2008, seeks to build the public will to call on the international community to take meaningful actions when “early warning” indicators signal possible onset of mass-scale atrocity crimes, and to mobilize resources to avert or halt such ongoing crises and protect civilians from mass atrocity crimes.

The Genocide Prevention Project focuses on public education and advocacy. Our initiatives include the Mass Atrocity Crimes Watch List and Genocide Prevention Month in April 2009. The month is a 30-day commemoration of past genocide and mass atrocity crimes. We are working with genocide survivors and international survivor organizations to generate a civil society call for the implementation of prevention strategies. The Genocide Prevention Project is an initiative of Public Interest Projects, a 501(c)3 public charity in New York.


  • Jill Savitt, Executive Director
  • Allison Johnson, International Campaign Manager
  • Kate McNeece, Program Associate
  • Ellen Freudenheim, Research Consultant
  • Ben Prochazka, National Organizer

The Genocide Prevention Project is the next venture of the team behind Dream for Darfur, the campaign that used the Olympics to urge the Chinese government to use its influence with the Sudanese regime to bring security to Darfur. Dream for Darfur significantly raised global awareness about China’s complicity in the genocide. An impact statement for Dream for Darfur is available at Dream for

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