The Orphan Foundation

  • Imagine if the children in your life didn’t have someone to tuck them in at night, to read them stories, or to play with them.  How sad and lonely would they be? More importantly, imagine if they didn’t have someone to teach them right from wrong, help them with their homework, teach them how to handle money, or help them find their first job.  How difficult a place would the world become?
  • 143 million children live in that world today, according to UNICEF. Another 20 million children are in the classification of “displaced children.” Combined that population creates the 7th largest nation in the world – larger than Russia.   Now imagine the impact on our world by simply studying the statistics: The Orphan Crisis.
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Incorporation Data: The Orphan Foundation, Founded on December 12, 2006, Incorporation on January 8, 2007 by the Secretary of State of California. Federal EIN: 20-8201228, California: 2940564, Non-Profit; 501(c)(3) Status Approved by IRS.

This corporation is organized exclusively for all charitable purposes that help orphans find adopting parents, or otherwise assist orphans to create a meaningful and productive live once they enter their adult years. These purposes include financial support for adopting families (through qualified adoption agencies), education on financing adoptions, financial and educational assistance for orphaned children with special needs, and financial support for orphanages for the purpose of providing educational support and materials to better assist orphans who will remain with the orphanages throughout their non-adult years.

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