Hope’s Heart Orphan Foundation

Serving Orphans with a Passion to Enrich Their Lives

Hope’s Heart Orphan Foundation is dedicated to bringing hope to orphans living in these conditions.  Grants, awards and funding will enable Hope’s Heart to say ‘yes’ to the children who depend on our help.  Through collaborating efforts of Hope’s Heart with existing aid programs, we are consistently being made aware of specific children and specific needs.  It is our desire to do all we can to ‘Serve Orphans with a Passion to Enrich Their Lives.’  Every dollar contributed to Hope’s Heart and every grant released translates into a gift of love, life, and hope. (full text).

Why China?
How you can help;
Address: Hope’s Heart, Orphan Foundation, P.O. Box 2903, Olathe, KS 66063-0903, USA;

About: History: Hope’s Heart Orphan Foundation was founded in December 2004 out of the directors’ desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of children growing up in Chinese orphanages. 

After becoming aware of the plight of orphans in China and throughout the world, Heather decided to pursue a degree in Social Work. Her desire was to assist in the facilitation of international adoptions, while making a difference in the lives of orphans waiting for their forever families and those who may never be adopted.

This passion to help the orphans quickly spread to her parents, Ken & Judy. For a number of years they had sponsored over a dozen orphans, and contributed to school sponsorships, medical and care giving projects. The family traveled to China in July of 2004 for the purpose of extending love and care to the babies and children in an orphanage. This unique opportunity to spend time ministering to the orphans was truly a life changing experience for them and increased their desire even more to help the children of China.

After returning from China and through prayerful direction,the Williams’ established Hope’s Heart Orphan Foundation to assist in funding projects that enhance the lives of orphans in China.

Vision: Hope’s Heart’s yearning is to see miracles transform lack into abundance, sickness into health, tears into smiles, and emptiness into wholeness.  Our vision is of every orphaned child in China:

  • Residing in clean, safe physical conditions
  • Supplied with nutritious food for optimal growth and health
  • Given the medical attention they need for healthy bodies and minds
  • Given the tools for mental and physical development as well as an education
  • Knowing they are loved and valued by caring, nurturing care givers seeing to their daily needs.

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