The Universal Alliance International

  • The History: Original foundation at Bougie, Algeria 1949, contacts disrupted by the Algerian Civil War in the 1960’s, re-established at Toulon, France, in 1989 by Ludovic, one of its three original co-founders & continuing to evolve!
  • The Basic Goal: The global union of all of Good Will for fraternisation between people and peace between peoples by the concretisation of human unity in one sole communion; the human race, with one language; that of the heart.
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The Universal Alliance in More Detail:

The Universal Alliance for Human Unity is a movement in the bosom of which persons can unite around fundamental values, founders of a global union (with one common currency) where all human beings will find themselves to be respected, esteemed and served for what they are.

The Fundamental Values & Ideals to which those allied adhere are as follows:

  • Mondialism: The establishment of a Universal Ethic, the announcing of rights and duties, the regulation of commerce, the administration of natural resources, that of wealth, the international judicial code etc. must be raised up to a supra-federal level. The diversity of the specific values of each region must be safeguarded – any proposed structures or infrastructures for this purpose must be non-hierarchical, decentralist, egalitarian & grass-root democratic and cleansed of all egoisms and desires for personal power over others.
  • Sharing: That which generations have succeeded in inventing for the progress of humanity must profit the whole world and be shared between all individuals, for the general well-being comes before self-interest. A social, distributive economy has for its objective to realise this sharing and to put an end to the regime of dependence and exclusions so as to give individuals autonomy and social responsibility.
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