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The Third World Institute (ITeM) performs information, communication and education activities on an international level, concerning development and environment-related activities. It is a civil society organization, working for civil society, which encourages citizen involvement in global decision-making processes … (about 1/2 General Information).

Initiatives: Social Watch, (NGO search), (Third World Network TWN) Red del Tercer Mundo, IFI’s Latin American Monitor (IFI’s;
Publications: The World Guide /Guia del Mundo, Tercer Mundo Economico, Social Watch Report;
Postal Address: Instituto del Tercer Mundo – ITeM, P.O. Box 1539, Montevideo 11000, Uruguay;
Visiting address: 18 de julio 1077/902, Montevideo 11100, Uruguay;
Contact: Phone: +598 2 902 0490, Fax: +598 2 902 0490/113, e-mail

About 2/2: … Citizen education: ITeM’s first activity was the publication of the The World Guide (formerly the “Third World Guide”), a reference book conceived as an educational resource. Its second activity was researching and developing electronic communication networks (through the Chasque, All other projects launched since then have revolved, in one way or another, around information and communications as the basis of education and democracy.

Products and Services: The books and magazines published by ITeM are sold throughout the world. Originally published only in printed format, they are now available in CD-ROM and on the Web. However, not everything produced by TWI can be purchased. A great deal of its activities are dedicated to promoting citizen organization networks on an international level, advocating in favor of the environment, promoting social development-oriented policies, or training groups and people with special needs.

ITeM aims to: … (full text).

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