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Upgraded July 7, 2010:

  • Respect – we affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, donors, partners and staff, Integrity – we are honest and accountable for what we do and say, Commitment – we work together to serve the larger community, Excellence – we strive towards the highest levels of learning and performance. (Core Values).
  • We seek a society which celebrates diversity, where rights are secured, citizenship realised, and human potential fulfilled for all. CARE stands in solidarity with others in India and beyond to champion social justice and dignity for the poor, vulnerable and the most marginalised. We commit ourselves to principled positions and purposeful actions to empower women and girls. (Vision).
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Blog: Building Homes and Rebuilding Lives – Disaster resilient shelter construction at Chargheri village, Sunderbans, West Bengal:

The Sunderbans of West Bengal is a beautiful delta region where the land meets the sea. A winding network of river channels, lush mangrove forests and endangered tigers attract hoards of tourists every year. However, it is an area also marked by extreme poverty, which is aggravated by the region’s susceptibility to natural disaster. When Cyclone AILA hit West Bengal in May 2009, it devastated the lives and livelihoods of thousands of residents of the Sunderbans islands. In the immediate aftermath, CARE worked along alongside state and district partners to take emergency relief – clean water, sanitation and shelter – to 4,500 people in the worst-hit areas.

CARE remains within communities to ensure long-term recovery includes the most vulnerable – particularly women and girls. We capitalise on physical, financial and emotional reserves, and provide opportunities for people to rebuild their lives.

In the Sunderbans, CARE is currently helping marginalised communities rebuild their livelihoods, construct shelter and improve water supplies and sanitation. We have trained fifty local masons and carpenters – women and men – on disaster resilient housing construction technology and practices. Now these women and men are working together to build homes for themselves and their neighbours. Next time you visit the Sunderbans, we recommend you take a detour of the trodden tourist path to visit Chargheri village and see how CARE is supporting villagers to rebuild their lives out of disaster.

Aditi Ghosh is Manager, Disaster Management Unit. She brings rich experience of working in emergencies. She has done notable work with the affected communities during the Orissa Cyclone (1999) and the tsunami (2004).

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