Catalysts for Social Action

Catalysts for Social Action (CSA), is a social welfare organization dedicated to the cause of child welfare. CSA focuses on Adoption, and Institutionalized-child care. Established in September 2002, our aim is to influence change in adoption practice. We work both, on enhancing the total number of adoptions and, better child care while the child is institutionalized. CSA is supported by Kale Consultants Ltd., a reputed Software House in Mumbai, India … (about 1/2).

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Address: CATALYSTS FOR SOCIAL ACTION, ‘Kale Enclave’, 685/2B & 2C, 1st Floor, Sharada Arcade, Satara Road, Pune – 411 037, India;

About 2/2: … Adoption: We work with CARA (Government of India) – registered agencies across the country. Primarily, we identify agencies in smaller towns where children do not find homes locally.

Through an extensive promotional initiative that includes advertisements, workshops and sensitization programmes and internet promotion, we direct waiting parents in the metro cities, to the waiting children in smaller towns. Several city parents now, adopt from the smaller towns and have, in effect, started a trend. Many children who would have ended up in orphanages and a lifetime of sub-optimal care now, find homes.

A concern with many city parents is that the child care standards in non-metro agencies are perhaps, not up to the mark. In the identified agencies therefore, we work on improving the quality standards. We facilitate infrastructural improvements (civil work, painting, furniture, drainage, mosquito netting, etc.), provide better child care facilities (development, learning, health, hygiene, and recreation), improve work standards (capability-building and paperwork) and handhold them as necessary.

We extensively support the adoption community too. Our website, a complete information repository on Adoption in India has been described as a ‘valuable resource’. Our Chat Groups – Adoption Experiences for adoption stakeholders and Adoptees Voices for Adult Indian Adoptees – are excellent support bases. Our facilitation initiatives have helped many a parent, to fulfill their desire to parent.

Destitute Child care: … (full text about).

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