Italian Association for Aid to Children

Centro Italiano Aiuti all’Infanzia CIAI

Founded in 1968 CIAI – Italian Association for Aid to Children – has been fighting for the children of the whole world to be entitled the same rights: the first one, and the most important, is the right to grow within the love of a family, and where it is possible, to have permanence with a family of native origin.
CIAI put all its efforts into promoting a revolutionary idea for that period: to show how it was possible to give to a needy child, a family belonging to another culture and ethnic groups. To understand the power of the breaking-up of this approach toward the existing tradition, we have to think that in Italy there wasn’t, at that time, any law that regulated the adoption of a foreign child …  (full text english Homepage).

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About: The child is at the centre of our interests. In particular the focus of our attention is the child who is obliged to work or to prostitute him or herself, the child who cannot be cured should he fall ill, but also a child who is not adult to look after him, a violated child, a child who is victim of violence and exploitation and any other child who is not guarantee his/her fundamental rights.  

CIAI Italian Association to Aid the Children is a no profit organization founded in 1968. Since then, CIAI has dedicated itself to promote the acknowledgement of all children as human beings and to defend their basic rights to live, to be healthy, to have a family and an education, to play and to be innocent everywhere around the world.

Solidarity and Cooperation  Our aim is to prevent children from being abandoned. We build and support new sanitary structures, first aid units, doctors’ offices and schools; we sponsor centres for single mothers; we supply structures for street children care, victims of violence, sexual abuses or prostitution; we sponsor microcredit activities to support women in difficulty.

With the Sponsorship Program we guarantee children’s education, in order to fight illiteracy and to prevent the exploitation of children work/employment. The contributions of our sponsors are used to create educational programs, instruction and vocational training. With approximately 5000 sponsors, we are currently providing a stable support to the same number of families.

International Adoption: we search in Italy a mother and a father for those children who, everywhere in the world, have been abandoned and for whom there are few possibilities to be reunited in the original family or another solutions in their own country.

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