The Humanity Initiative

Positive change, one that is adaptable to most any educational level in any society throughout the world.
Here is a working outline for our course, written in this case as a seminar for university-level students. Please send your comments and suggestions to Devon White at Thank you. (Positive Change).

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Who we are: A small circle of neighbors on four continents, we are working, like you, to find the best paths to positive change. 

Our executive commitee consists of Tony Balis and Tom Ockerse in the United States, Jade Dyer in Australia, and Tabi Jorden in Switzerland. Nine individuals from China, India, Romania, South Africa, England, Venezuela and the United States constitute our advisory board. In addition, we have a small and ever-evolving team of volunteers or externs.

You, of course, are already a member of humanity; but we can’t keep track of everyone! So please say hello, share your ideas, tell us how you might like to help. E-mail us.


Perhaps it is the eyes of refugees that move you; perhaps it is humankind’s legacy of violence and greed; perhaps it is some purely personal experience. Whatever your motivation for making a positive difference, we wholeheartedly ask for your help.

Your donations allow us to continue our momentum and expand our initiatives. They will help us maintain and improve this web site, not least to translate it into over forty major languages. They will allow us to establish such new initiatives as our online course on positive change, our leadership program, or the world-view expander. In fact, our current strategic plan includes over 37 initiatives, similar to what you see on this web site, that wait for funding.

Our goal is the profound simplicity of encouraging a positive change in human awareness. Please help, no matter how small a donation you care to make. We are an unincorporated, non-profit association, confirmed by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) enterprise. We have no religious or political affiliation … (full text Vision).

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