Calcutta Foundation

Helping Calcutta ’s young talents grow and share their gifts with the world

Calcutta Foundation, established in 1993/4 by Mrs Fran Caterini (…), is a Charitable Trust, exempt from tax, under 80-G of Income Tax Act.  Mrs Caterini and Mrs Shamlu Dudeja were the working Members of the Board of Trustees; but Mrs Caterini went back to the US, in 1995, leaving Mrs. Dudeja to manage the affairs of the Trust. Mr. Russi Mody was the Chairman, at that time; that mantle was passed on to Mrs. Dudeja, soon thereafter. (Homepage).

Projects: current; past; Girls’ Foundation; Events; Donation;
Address: Calcutta Foundation, 4/1 Alipore Park Road, Calcutta 700027, India;

OBJECTIVES: In one line, Calcutta Foundation’s primary objective is to WIPE A TEAR, BRING A SMILE, where-ever possible and to spread literacy amongst the underprivileged and the “dif-abled”.  

In the last ten years since its inception, it has helped empower some people from the less privileged classes, to make them contributing and honourable citizens of India.  The means adopted were:

  • Training young adults from marginalized sections of Kolkata society in a manner suitable to their culture, and guiding them to income generating avenues.
  • Empowering young children from low income or otherwise disadvantaged  groups, by giving them rehabilitation, education and vocational training.
  • Through activities of art and culture, especially focused on the under-privilege classes, helping Kolkata regain its original status as the cultural capital of India.
  • Offering assistance to those suffering from disease and any other calamity.

Along with pursuing these activities in the past 10 years since its inception, Calcutta Foundation has evolved into a fund-raising organization.  The sources of funds, in addition to the generous people and corporate bodies in Kolkata, have been funding agencies from US and Australia, and the Consulates of Japan and Germany in Kolkata. The funds in the US come through  Calcutta Foundation, Washington DC, of  which Mr.Donald Harrison and Mrs. Jennifer Caterini are Trustees.

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