Aqua Alchemy

Spirit and Science of Water

Welcome to the amazing world of water, the bearer of life and greater mysteries.  On these pages you will find the anomalous physical properties of water, the deeper capacities of water, its human connections and connecting forces in Nature.  Through these aspects, the deeper meaning of Aqua Alchemy is revealed.
We invite you to explore, to connect, and to share.  May the forces of water and its reverence bring transformations in our convictions and behavior — toward Water, Nature, and our own path on Earth … (full text Welcome Page).

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About: Meet the Aqua Alchemists – We are two women passionate about water.  We wonder at water’s mysteries, essence of life, and amazing properties.  We recognize that the paradigm shift toward balance and sustainability comes from an inner knowing and a melding of many fields. Perhaps you have heard the saying, “Spirit without science tends toward superstition.  Science without spirit tends toward cruelty.”  Spirit joined with science is essential for creating the shortest path to profound and effective change.  We are here to make it happen. 

International and multi-disciplinary experience informs our path toward this goal.  Our professional experience involves environmental consulting and engineering, eco-psychology, water policy, sustainability practices, and environmental non-profit work. We live on the West Coast of the United States in California and Oregon.

The Aqua Alchemy blog began Spring 2009 with the intent to gather in the people and communities who share our passion for water and commitment to collective change through spiritual awareness and smart understanding.

We welcome your comments on the posted articles and your own water-relevant articles.  We are here to make it happen.  Welcome.

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