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  • The International Museum of Women’s (I.M.O.W.) public programs and events are designed to address contemporary gender issues in the twenty-first century and through education, serve as a catalyst for change.
  • With these public programs and events, I.M.O.W. offers a unique blend of new perspectives and well-known, established voices. Invited speakers include writers, scholars, civic leaders, and artists to participate in a wide range of lectures, conversations, seminars and conferences that amplify the voices of women around the world. (Programs).

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Administrative Offices: IMOW, 101 Howard St., Suite 480, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA;

About: The mission of I.M.O.W. is to value the lives of women around the world. 

I.M.O.W. is a groundbreaking social change museum that inspires global action, connects people across borders and transforms hearts and minds by amplifying the voices of women worldwide through global online exhibitions, history, the arts and cultural programs that educate, create dialogue and build community. With its unique focus on cultural change, I.M.O.W. advances the human right to gender equity worldwide.

We invite you to join this innovative twenty-first century museum and invest in making the world a better place for our daughters, granddaughters and nieces as well as our sons, grandsons and nephews by participating in I.M.O.W.’s new global online exhibition Women, Power and Politics.

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