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The Hunger Project works in partnership with grassroots people in Africa, Asia and Latin America to develop effective bottom-up strategies. We have discovered three critical elements that, when combined, empower people to make rapid progress in overcoming hunger and poverty:

  • Mobilizing people at the grassroots level to build self-reliance
  • Empowering women as key change agents; and
  • Forging partnerships with local government.

The Hunger Project’s approach is different from the conventional, top-down planning used by many development agencies and governments. These top-down approaches follow a service-delivery model and often undermine our most important resource: the creativity and self-reliance of people living in conditions of hunger and poverty themselves … (full text Methodology).

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Mission: The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.  

In Africa, Asia and Latin America, The Hunger Project seeks to end hunger and poverty by empowering people to lead lives of self-reliance, meet their own basic needs and build better futures for their children.

The Hunger Project carries out its mission through three essential activities: mobilizing village clusters at the grassroots level to build self-reliance, empowering women as key change agents, and forging effective partnerships with local government.


Our vision of the future is not based on everyone achieving a high-consumption lifestyle, which is environmentally unsustainable. Nor does it permit one-sixth of the human family to continue to live in abject poverty. The Hunger Project is committed to transcending this polarity and creating a future that rejects the inevitability of hunger and recognizes the limitations of a consumerist society.

Achieving the sustainable end of hunger means creating a new future for all humanity, a future where:

  • every day, every person has enough of the right food to be healthy and productive;
  • babies are born healthy and strong, and girl babies are prized as much as boy babies;
  • children stay alive, so parents can have smaller families;
  • women and girls are full partners in society;
  • people have control over their own lives and destinies, and all individuals have a chance to contribute;
  • the values of honoring human beings and nature flourish.

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