Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development CARD

Realizing Dreams for Rural India

Established in the year 2000 under the Societies Act 1860, CARD is a national level non-governmental organization, which is addressing the social, policy and technical needs related to the development of agriculture. CARD is dedicated to give voice to the cause of farming community and to strive towards improving the quality of life of rural masses. (Homepage).

Board; Executives; Advocacies; Latest News; Press; Web; Agriculture Today;
Community Development; Programs; Rural studies; Training; Links;
Addresses /Head Office Delhi: Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development, 502, Rohit House, Tolstoy Road, New Delhi – 110 001, India;
Online feedback; Contacts.

About /Vision: To play a vibrant role in the national endeavor of developing India through agriculture led transformation; and participate in addressing environment, policy, technology, resource and information related issues for livelihood, security and improving the quality of life of rural masses.  

/Objectives: To act as a

  • Source of Information
  • Platform for Rural growth
  • Facilator in decision making
  • Medium of education and awareness
  • Catalyst for agriculture development
  • Bridge between Rural and urban masses

Committed to Agriculture and Rural Development.

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