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Founded in 1986, Rights and Humanity is the pioneer of the Human Rights Approach to Development. Over two decades Rights and Humanity has helped millions of poor and disadvantaged people across the world to realise their human rights and dignity. We bridge the gap between human rights and development by bringing together the UN, governments and aid agencies to ensure access to food, water, healthcare, education and livelihood. (Homepage).

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About: Rights and Humanity is an international not-for-profit organisation contributing to development, peace and environmental sustainability through the realisation of human rights and responsibilities.

Who we are: Established in 1986, Rights and Humanity is an independent not-for-profit association. Led by our Patrons, our network spans 54 countries and brings together people of diverse faiths, cultures, professions, and political viewpoints.

Our Premise: Rights and Humanity’s premise is that globally recognised human rights law and the principles of humanity – those values and responsibilities shared across faiths and cultures – provide a legal framework and moral compass for solutions to global challenges.

Our Distinguishing Role:

  • Rights and Humanity’s concern is for humanity as a whole, rather than any one group of stakeholders. Our practical projects prioritise the rights and needs of people living in poverty and social exclusion, with a focus on Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Our unique approach champions progress rather than blame, empowerment instead of handouts, responsibilities as much as rights.
  • We combine intellect with compassion; the realisation of human rights law with nurturing human dignity, mutual respect and solidarity.

We remain at the cutting edge of new thinking, focusing on:

  • the practical realisation of human rights, rather than on monitoring violations
  • tackling the root causes of poverty and prompting pro-active solutions
  • encouraging a common vision in the midst of conflict
  • inspiring, informing and empowering individuals and groups to play their role.

Activities to realise Human Rights and Responsibilities – Think, Unite, Act: … (full long text about).

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