Association for Sarva Seva Farms ASSEFA

has no own website, but is named on Wiser Earth:


  • Address: ASSEFA, 279,Avvai Shanmugam Road, Royapettah, Chennai 600 014, Tamil Nadu, India;
  • Contact: phone: 91-044-8275843, fax: 91-044-8275763, e-mail.

About: ASSEFA is a rural development organisation working in 3800 villages in six states, benefiting about 2,50,000 families with socio-economic programmes such as agriculture, dairy, micro-enterprises, social-credit, basic education, child labour rehabilitation, community-health, habitat promotion, environmental protection and vocational training focusing women, children, landless and marginal farmers. 


  • Lathur East, which is about 50 miles south of Chennai, formerly Madras, is the second ASSEFA community scheme of its kind in this area. It is a partnership between 1100 disadvantaged families in 25 villages and ASSEFA. Ten of the 25 villages are inhabited by Scheduled Castes, formerly Untouchables.
  • In Lathur East nearly 9096 of the population are small farmers or agricultural labourers, adult literacy is 37%. The project`s overall objective is to raise the income of the poorest households to the local average of £250 per year, which will, for many people, double their current level.

ASSEFA`s approach isto develop making strong village committees and women`s groups. The unity and strength achieved through these groups enables villagers, with ASSEFA`s help, to plan and carry out a range of development options. The plans include:

  • 55 improved wells
  • pipeline irrigation for 150 acres
  • 140 acres made cultivable
  • 25 modernised community bullock carts
  • 700 cows/buffaloes for women`s milk marketing co-op
  • 210 small businesses
  • women`s and youth training schemes
  • halving infant mortality rate
  • ensuring drinking water for all villages
  • 90% children attending government schools.

All funds are recycled within the villages through ASSEFA`s rural bank, which now has deposits of f150,000.

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