Healing Movement

  • Heal: To make healthy, whole, or sound.
  • Move: To change from one place or position to another; to set or keep in motion.
  • Healing Movement: Facilitating the act of making oneself healthy, whole, and sound, through motion/change of position on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels … (full text Homepage).

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About: Vision: Healing Movement™, founded by Brandi Smith, is the most highly sought after and greatly respected healing modality for people desiring to experience life more fully. Her sessions are held in Los Angeles, California.  

Mission: Healing Movement™ is dedicated to exploring and supporting others through the inner and outer experiences of life by:

  • Teaching Healing Movement™ classes, yoga classes and workshops geared towards an exploration of our lives and experiences.
  • Sharing, encouraging, and supporting others in their growth and development process through Healing Movement™ sessions.
  • Creating a safe and healthy space to grow and explore as divine beings having a human experience.

Integration: A Healing Movement™ sessions or classes have an integration of the following:

  • Body Movement similar to Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Tantric meditations, and other mindfulness movement modalities.  The movements aid in opening up the physical body and unlocking one’s inner wisdom.
  • Speaking your Truth through speaking your inner experience, vocalizing first response to questions, sighs, gibberish, mantras, and affirmations.
  • Processing your experience by going straight to the source (often the inner child and his/her experience),  acknowledging the hurt, forgiving and loving the hurt parts inside, choosing to see things from a different perspective, choosing a new decision or course of action that fits you now, clearing any obstacles, and opening more fully into the loving.
  • Experiencing Energy Movement feeling relieved or relaxed, more centered in your heart, a big sigh after a realization, tingling, warm and/or cool sensations in the body are just some of the experiences.
  • Deep Relaxation giving your body, mind, and spirit time and space to rest, assimilate the experience and information that came forward, letting any residual “stuff” drop away, guided meditation to complete the process which will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.
  • Journaling and/or speaking about your experience to complete the process, acknowledge yourself for the work you’ve done, and create action steps and commitments allowing you to move forward and take full responsibility for your healing process.

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