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On June 14th Elaine Uang and Cameron Sinclair met with the Mahiga Primary and Secondary School students and teachers to formally announce the ‘Net Positive’ court as the second recipient of Gamechangers funding. Both schools are located near the Aberdare mountain range and are suffering though an extended drought.
This multi-purpose court will collect enough drinkable rainwater to allow over 400 children to attend both schools. check out a slideshow of the event here. The school is also being supported by the Nobelity Project. (Homepage).

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Address: Architecture for Humanity, 848 Folsom, Suite 201, San Francisco, CA 94107-1173, USA;

About: “The land we bought was literally ‘the site from hell,’ Architecture for Humanity’s design fellow managed to design classrooms that we will be able to replicate on any site. I really think it could be the best built school in rural Uganda” – (Carol Auld, Kutamba AIDS Orphans School, Bikongozo, Uganda). 

Architecture for Humanity is a nonprofit design services firm founded in 1999. We are building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design.

By tapping a network of more than 40,000 professionals willing to lend time and expertise to help those who would not otherwise be able to afford their services, we bring design, construction and development services where they are most critically needed.

Each year 10,000 people directly benefit from structures designed by Architecture for Humanity. Our advocacy, training and outreach programs impact an additional 50,000 people annually. We channel the resources of the global funding community to meaningful projects that make a difference locally.

From conception to completion, we manage all aspects of the design and construction process. Our clients include community groups, aid organizations, housing developers, government agencies, corporate divisions, and foundations.

Design is important to every aspect of our lives. It informs the places in which we live, work, learn, heal and gather. We engage all stakeholders in the design process. We believe our clients are designers in their own right. Thoughtful, inclusive design creates lasting change in communities by:

  • Alleviating poverty and providing access to water, sanitation, power and essential services
  • Bringing safe shelter to communities prone to disaster and displaced populations
  • Rebuilding community and creating neutral spaces for dialogue in post-conflict areas
  • Mitigating the effects of rapid urbanization in unplanned settlements
  • Creating spaces to meet the needs of those with disabilities and other at-risk populations
  • Reducing the footprint of the built environment and addressing climate change

Architecture for Humanity is a catalyst for innovation. We learn by doing. We know the value of sharing success stories and lessons learned—our own as well as those of others. To foster knowledge sharing and promote best practices, we developed the Open Architecture

This groundbreaking on-line network empowers architects, designers, builders and their clients to share architectural plans and drawings—including CAD files. All plans are shared through an open-source model and can be freely downloaded by all.

Design is the ultimate renewable resource. Join us in building safer, more sustainable and more innovative structures—structures that are assets to their communities and an ongoing test.

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