The Killid Group TKG

Also in arabic.

  • TKG (The Killid “key” Group) is a not-for-profit public media initiative of Development & Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA). Public media was added to DHSA’s portfolio in 2002 through the establishment of TKG, one of Afghanistan’s most dynamic and successful non commercial media initiatives with a team of 160 radio, print and TV production professionals.
  • TKG’s mission as a public media project of DHSA is to promote civic media, free speech and open discourse in Afghanistan and to strengthen the press as an independent source of information for the Afghan people … (full text english Homepage).

Divisions; Highlights; In the news; TKG public; Mursal (Women’s) Magazine; TKG-E;
Cartoon of the week; Radio Killid FM88; Killid News Portal (in arabic); Editorial of the week;
Address: TKG Main Officem House #442, Street #6, Chardehi Watt, Near to Uzbekha Mosque, Karta-e-sea, Kabul, Afghanistan;


  • Mission: The corporate mission of TKG is to open the door to a brighter Afghanistan by improving public access to independernt media, information and basic resources.
  • Corporate History: TKG is a commercial entity and public service of Development Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA), one of Afghanistan’s leading humanitarian and development NGO’s.
  • Inside TKG: Established in 2002 as a media division of development humanitarian services for Afghanistan (DHSA), TKG is playing a lead role in fostering Afghanistan’s independent media sector overall.
  • Promotional Kit: To know more about us, have a look at a sample of our promotional material.
  • TKG Team: The story of TKG’s mission starts with the story of the people who work for and who have contributed to the company’s vision the past four years. Opening the door to a brighter Afghanistan’s starts with a corporate commitment to the each of the individuals who works for TKG.

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