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committed to effective giving

  • Charities Aid Foundation India (CAF India) is a registered public charitable trust and is part of the CAF international network.
  • Established in New Delhi in October 1998, CAF India’s mission has been to increase the flow of resources from corporations and high net worth individuals to the not-for-profit sector.
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CAF annual review 2007-2008, 28 pages;
Address: CAF India, A-85, First Floor, East of Kailash, New Delhi 110 065, India;

About: We are committed to providing philanthropic services and solutions to companies, individuals and employees to donate to charitable causes of their choice in an efficient and tax-effective manner. Building resources and the capacity of the not-for-profit sector in India is also core to our work in the country. 

Our vision: A world in which giving in a committed and effective way is a recognised part of everyday life.

Our mission: We strive towards increasing the level and flow of resources to the not-for-profit sector.

We are able to do this with help from both individual and company donors.

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