Gujarat Stree Kelvani Mandal

To provide the facilities, encouragement and inspiration to women to pursue various courses for attaining higher education.

  • Imparting education through the mother tongue and cultivating interest in national and international language and literature.
  • Encouraging vocational education and training for independent livelihood.
  • Training for harmony in family life.
  • Sex education.
  • Imparting training for home management with a scientific attitude.
  • N.C.C., N.S.S., Physical Education, Sports activities, training in self-defence, security and health improvement.
  • Education in the fields of literature, cultural aspects and development of fine arts.
  • Cultivation of an unselfish and harmonious attitude towards family and social life.
  • Developing an idealist way of life through service to the poor, miserable, weak and old. Guidance and assistance in times of natural and man made calamities.
  • Establishment of a developing society by freeing it from the shackles of ritualistic traditions.
  • Publication of women oriented literature.

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Address: Dr. Sirali N. Mehta, S.L.U. Arts & H & P Thakore Commerce College, Gujarat Stree Kelvani Mandal, Bh. V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad-6, India;

History: Gujarat Stree Kelavani Mandal was established in 1917. It is one of the oldest institution in Gujarat in the field of education and social work. The mandal was founded during that period when social progress in India had begun with the home coming of Mahatma Gandhiji from South Africa. The flame of national awakening was widespread all over the country. Women’s role in various fields of activities had widened. 

The first women’s University SNDT was established in Bombay. SLU college, started in 1921 was affiliated to this University Women have presided the mandal from its inception till today. This college is the first ever institution dedicated to higher education for women. It was affiliated to the Bharatvarshiya Mahila Vidhyapith (SNDT University), which was well known as the Karve University.

The College is named after Shree Lalshankar Umiyashankar. He was a famous social reformer and promoter of women’s education. This college came under the umbrella of Gujarat Stree Kelavani Mandal soon after the establishment of the Mandal. Maharani of Baroda, Shri Chimanabai Gaekwad was selected as the first President of this Mandal.

Educational institutions affiliated to this institution were: … (full text).

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